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bulletCheck out some pictures of the 2002 reunion here provided by Mike Larkin.

bulletA comic strip depicting Frank Witek in action is here. It is a bit yellow due to age. it was provided by John Noonan.
bulletMichael Larkin took these pictures between 1954-57.
Mike was kind enough to post these pictures on an electronic photo album for us.
Do you recognize anyone? If you do, leave a note in the guest book!
bulletDave Williams sent some pictures taken during his tour. Please feel free to check them out.
bulletExplore the cube. Can you relate to any of these pictures?
bulletClick here to see some pictures from the dedication of Witek Park, Derby, CT 29MAY1999.
bulletClick here to visit a web site from Derby, CT explaining a park and citation being given to Frank Witek. Updated to show pictures from the dedication.
bullet Click on an image below to see a larger photo. Some of the images may take awhile to appear.



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       Buffalo, NY 1995                    Charleston, SC 1999
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  Ordnance Division 46-47                   


FT GANG 1958

Chief Tressler (hidden), Al Hanson, Jim Cessna, Ray Tolliver, Jim Lange


FT 1958

Dick Buxton


Cmdr Park A. Dallis